Random Ideas

  1. SEASON, Bringing the Chef to the Consumer, Ghost Restaurants
  2. 36 Crafts, Hip-Hop Themed Brewery and Beers
  3. Cabilist, Design Firm Specializing in Making Data Visualization Cool
  4. SPOTTED, Mobile App for Detecting Nearby Suspicious Activities and Events
  5. KEYPER, Encrypted Password Archive Accessible Only Through A Personal Item
  6. Illumin8, Digital Energy Marketplace for users to buy, share, or sell renewable energy
  7. Goal.IO, Interactive Mobile Application for users to set and achieve goals, but all the while have friends/mentors help assist in achieving them through incentivized betting (i.e. money and prizes)
  8. CIRCUIT, Simplifying the car buying process by bringing financing to the private seller, not based on credit score, privately funded loans /w fixed interest rates based on loaner and buyer negotiated terms, crowdfunded loans, relatively inexpensive vehicles so loans are affordable and loan payback potential is high
  9. SPON, Mobile Marketing App for that sends users on adventures based on their location to accumulate points, win prizes, obtain discounts, and experience new things. Each adventure is designed and geared towards promoting a specific client business
  10. SENS.EVENTS, Ticketing & Streaming Marketplace for Immersive VR Concerts, Movies, Sports, or Public Speaking Events
  11. A documentary about Chinese drug manufacturing plants producing illegal research chemicals
  12. I wonder if the bridge between human intelligence and art could play a role in developing AI. Possibly developing a program that can differentiate between different art movements and art styles, elaborate on those specific art piece properties, and eventually responding with emotionally intelligent replies.
  13. An AR shopping experience where shops have no cashiers or checkout lanes. Items are recognized via camera phone or headset, prices can be inquired, immediately added to cart, online discounts or promotions automatically applied, and charged via mobile payment.
  14. How can we promote education and transparency in voting and political involvement? Is there a way to extend fact checking to the booth? How about feeding users personally tailored bite sized bits of information that coincides with their interests? Incentivizing mobile polling and voting?