Although the butterfly and caterpillar are completely different, they are one and the same.
— Kendrick Lamar, Mortal Man
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Hi, I'm Vu.

No matter how old I get, I still see myself as a kid from Texas — wide-eyed, full of gumption, and set on changing the world through creativity.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and culturalist influenced by street culture, fine art, southern hip hop, and my mama’s cooking.

I have a passion for visual media, storytelling, and leveraging technology to empower other indie creators, makers, and hackers like me.

If you're in it to make a difference, and working on something interesting, or thinking about it, let’s link up.

I’m always down to collaborate.


I Run CowboyB3bop, A Weekly Newsletter & Podcast oN Tech, Business, & Street Culture.

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I'm a Co-Founder & CEO of CRATERLAND.

We're building the future of local TV. Read more about our story, or download the app for iOS or Android.


I recently completed my MBA @ Cornell Tech in NYC.

You can watch my admissions video here.

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BoardART is the intersection between home decor, skateboards, & fine art. This is a side-project I created using Unity & Vuforia.



16BARS is an collaborative text editor crafted specifically for writing 🔥 raps. Available on iOS.



Techdrop is an Instagram-only source for outlandish tech news & products.

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Cook Children's

Dallas Morning News

I assisted in developing a VR game for the awesome kids of Cook Children’s Hospital system. We were featured on the local TV news.

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CONNECTED CAR APP By Hertz, SAP, Concur, Nokia, & 900LBS

I led the cross-company design team for the development of the Connected Car App presented at Mobile World Congress.

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I led design for the development of a white label multiplayer AR experience world game used here by NCR.

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Sales & OPS, Warby Parker

I was apart of the team leading the opening and operations of Warby Parker’s 2nd Dallas brick-and-mortar location.


Asset DeV engineer, Chevron

I started my career in O&G working as an engineer for Chevron developing internal reservoir analysis and management software.


mentor, Techstars

I mentor founders in design, product management, and developing go-to-market strategies.