COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #9




Have you ever wondered about what's happening in the background of the Netflix app while you're binge watching that show that you told your friends you'd get around to last year? Well, here's some data and some other cool algorithm stuff

Netflix also developed their own custom font.

"Let’s also set aside the nostalgia about how we used to make shit in this country.

Spotify IPO'd today. Imagine if you passed on Spotify in the early days...

On the topic of Spotfiy, how about the booming black market for playlists?

Tinder v. Bumble - Not that I would know anything about that.

Maps of the Geographical Concentration of Hate Groups in the U.S.

Here's Google trying to fix journalism through their $300m News Initiative. (Shout out my teammate & cofounder, Arpit, for the share.) 

On the topic of news, Apple acquired Texture as focus shifts to 'trusted' content.

And this: "A false story reaches 1,500 people six times quicker, on average, than a true story does."

SEC vs Theranos - Bring on the movie!

The holy grail of all social platforms and the internet in itself - How do you provide freedom without limitation, but counteract toxicity and maliciousness? Reddit is trying.

Stack Overflow Survey Results

Dell's first ever financial statement. @MichaelDell

Amazon HQ2 - I'm rooting for Dallas.

Blockchain & Art

Youtube is fighting conspiracy videos through Wikipedia. (???)

Small homes to save Detroit.

Issues that are near and dear - Interactive Charts on the role that racism plays on the future of your personal economic status.

Teacher Salaries Adjusted for Cost of Living in the U.S.



Paper by FiftyThree - The dopest sketching app I've found so far.

Fortnite for iOS - Now, we just need this for the Nintendo Switch and it's a wrap...

Substack - Maybe one day I'll implement something like this for COWBOY B3BOP.

Ello - The IG competitor is back at it.

YC Demo Day - Here all the startups from Day 1 & Day 2. Some ok, most meh, but you be the judge.

Pheramor - Look, an app to find your true love through pheromones.

Phantom Secure - Feds busted the CEO of Phantom Secure for selling customized ultra-encrypted cell phones to the Sinaloa Cartel.

Otter - Voice meetings/interviews/conversations meets AI text transcription brought to you by Sam Liang, former Google Architect.

Atomwise - An AI that may actually save our lives - using deep learning for drug discovery

Proxi - The Creator of The Sims is back with a new game, but he's offering a challenge...

Earny - 'A bot that gets you money back when prices drop'

Netcome - Wow, there really is a startup for that. Netcome is a startup for brain preservation, but obviously, you have to die first.

Cora - Does anyone remember Larry Page & Google X's flying car project? Yeah, kind of.

Apple HomePod - I'll probably buy one just for FKA Twigs.

Google Maps API & SDK - This is gonna be dope.

Magic Leap Lumin SDK - This might be dope - just kidding.



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