COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #8




Web 3.0 & Why Decentralization Matters - This a great article on the future of the internet and our world at large.

They literally threw an award show, gave out a million dollar prize, and brought out Macklemore to perform. Damn, WeWork.

iFixit is the shizznit.

The Facebook you knew will never be that Facebook ever again. So please, come back.

"We are in an information crisis." and no one is going to fix it. Some call it “Infocalypse" - The scary thing is no one is going to fix it except us.

"Blow up like the World Trade" - RIP Notorious BIG

Third Industrial Revolution - Please watch this.

You trippin' son! 17x charge on Coinbase!

Yes, even video games get outsourced.

Everything is hard again.Frank Chimero

I've been asking around for a list of podcasts. Here's one from Buzzfeed.

HQ Trivia- Peter Thiel is with it. 

You'll never catch me on the dark side. Spotify ALL DAY.

The Auto Industry's Future by day, Guatemalan Explorer by night.

Don't Mess With Texas Monthly.

Views from the 6 by Starman



Business Oppurtunity: Men's Kitchen Appliances

10,000 Year Clock by Jeff Bezos - Jeff Bezos is literally next level.

Anchor 3.0 - If you don't know what Anchor is, it's time to check it out. Podcasting - for everyone!

Pro Flag Football - I miss my glory days...

Best Documentaries of 2017 - Not a bad list.

The UX of AI - A little design guide by Google to save AI from destroying us.

Glossier - $52m in funding?!?!

American Mall - Can you save a pillar of American capitalism? 

Intel Vaunt - As a lover of eyeglasses and former employee of Warber Parker, I approve of the direction.  

Infarm - Urban Farming just got some hardcore funding.

The Secret Life of Instant Noodles - Come on, don't sleep on the noodles. You know they took care of you at some point.

Supermedium - VR Web Browser of the Future

10 Essential Apps for Productivity in 2018 - Complements of Slack

Molly - AI-powered profile service for sharing what you know and what you're into with the world. Yeah...we're one step closer to machines transcending their need for us.



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