COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #7




Zuck & the Facebook God Complex - FACEBOOK’S MOTIVATIONS by Ben Thompson - A personal perspective on Facebook's recent change to its News Feed algorithm. (Shout out Andy Rudd for the share 🤟)

"All the buildings, roads and paved surfaces in the world occupy less than one percent of Earth’s land surface, while more than 45% of the land surface of Earth is currently in use as land for grazing or growing feed crops for livestock." - Impossible Foods

Bitcoin is now a nine-year-old multibillion-dollar bug bounty, and no one’s hacked it. It feels like pretty good proof.’ & Dorm Room Mining 

VC Investments in 2018

Oprah 2020

Pump-And-Dump Boyz - Altcoin gangs are screwing you over.

Video Game Addiction is now officially a mental health disease, according to the WHO.

Patent Trends & Insights in 2017

Don't worry, be happy. Lessons from 90-year-olds.

I don't even know where to begin with Youtube. Here's one on copyright violations for white noise, and another on firing struggling content creators.

Spotify IPO & Dropbox IPO

Very few will ever know the fear of riding on a tour bus full of flu-ridden MBA and Graduate CS students deep into the Negev Desert of Israel...

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, but more specifically, monopolies and wealthy families.

Mental Model of the Month: Complexity Bias

Ready Player One - To stream or to Moviepass?

The Fall of Travis - RIP Uber Bruh




Telegram - There seems to be an ICO is on the horizon...

Dogecoin - Y'all wild. Now the creator is trippin' too.

Opendoor & Hippo - I don't own a home, but hopefully one day after these student loans are paid, these will come in handy.

Moviepass - Some Hollywood drama, figures.

Cartier - Vintage frame game lit, especially in Detroit.

Buy Me A Coffee - Hey guys, I'm taking donations.

HQ Trivia - Another hit from the Founder of Vine, 1.0M+ Users live answering trivia for cash with no monetization strategy in site.

Bulletin - Another Google experiment, now in crowdsourcing hyperlocal news...

China's Social Credit System - Please rate me so I can buy a new car. - How old do you feel now?

Retro Japanese Game Art - So much nostalgia...

Ando - Ghost Restaurant + Jeff Chang + Uber Eats = Winning Acquisition

Real-time Composting - Filmmaking, not poop.

Rabbit - Wow, now you can watch that movie with your long-distance bf/gf that you've been talking about for weeks.

The Boring Company Flamethrower - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



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