COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #5




This is from December, but I had to share. The death of internet as we know it is potentially upon us.

You know what they say..."Good artists copy; great artists steal." - Google & Italian Design

When you almost get sued for copyright infringement for a film that artifical neural networks made.

Protect your people. Here's a story of how The U.S. Flooded One of Houston’s Richest Neighborhoods to Save Everyone Else

Shut up.

RIP Lil Peep

Meet the scientist drug hunters.

I'm optimistic about my future, fingers crossed. -  20 Most Competitve Startups of 2017 by AngelList or The 50 industry disruptors you need to know now by LinkedIn or Top NYC Tech Companies of 2017 by BuiltInNYC

It's comeback szn. Pandora is back at it fam. 

Resisting Reduction Designing our Complex Future with Machines - Joichi Ito

The Science Behind App Virality

Mental Model of the Month: The Veil of Ignorance

"Like if you want Jesus to win." - Newsfeed Wars

Instagram vs Nature

Why we need Space

Cool maps to change your perspective.

Charlie Munger said so.

Interesting infographic about what we take pictures of.


Have you ever wondered what type of data insights you could find from film dialogue? 

Who is Prince behind closed doors?

If you didn't know, I'm a documentary film fanatic. So, here's a list of 61 of the top documentaries as reported by Vogue. Please, take it with a grain of salt.

Life Under Kim Jong Un

Business Idea: A better way to power container ships.

Julie Zhou is my product design hero.

Products - Cool ML Stuff

Amazon AR Furniture Feature - Of course.

Messages Matter: Exploring the Evolution of Conversation - Facebook

Narita Boy - 80's Retro-Futuristic Video Game

Best Inventions of 2017 by Time

Tesla Semi & Tesla Roadster

Slaughterbots - Beware, the future.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio - It's MIT meets Italian supercar manufacturer.

Resonance Audio by Google - Audio for Experience Development

The Best Products of October 2017 - Some repeats here...

Psychology of the Designer Handbag

Samsung vs Apple

Superhuman - Potentially the next generation of email, interesting. Shout out to my boy, Andy Rudd, for the share.

Koenigsegg Agera RS - Sorry, I have a thing for cars.

Signal - Encrypting Communication



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