COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #4




Add this to your bucket list - 22 Public Works of Art You Have to Visit in Your Lifetime.

Google Overlord, Sundar Pichai, and his perceptions of the future of Google.

Learn to draw.

We can't cure the common cold. We're doomed.

Do you think intelligent algorithms enhance or erode creativity?

"There’s more “content” than ever. But it’s also harder than ever to find signal amongst the noise and facts amongst the fiction — let alone inspiring ideas and high-level discourse, which is what the internet was meant to be."

Tax breaks help the rich, not the poor.

Why rap swept the nation. Watch this.

The failure of hardware startups.

The Opioid Crisis is real.

Social is pop culture.

Dating will never be the same.

OC4 Day 1 Recap: The Path to a Billion People in VR

I'm pretty impartial. But I mean Google, some of those hardware products though - really? - Google is really good at design

Mongolian Nomads and the Digital Future. (This could be a sweet band name.)

Thank you, Pixar for shifting a generation.

Attacking discrimination with smarter machine learning


The Product Benchmarks Report: 2017 by Mixpanel

The Drone Takeover - 30 Industries Drones Could Disrupt  & Autonomous Drone Delivery in Switzerland

Bugatti Chiron

Museum of Ice Cream - The Millennial Walt Disney 

The Speculum Finally Gets a Modern Redesign - I'm appalled.

Telecom Balloons for Puerto Rico, compliments of Alphabet.

Art by Snap & Context Cards

WaveNet is surprisingly cool and scary at the same damn time.

The Top 30 Product Launches in September - Product Hunt

$199 Standalone VR Headset - Oculus Go

Time Capsule by Spotify

The art of storytelling - a Pixar course on Khan Academy

Google Solar System

STEM: Epic Heroes Card Game 



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