COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #20



Inside the Life of a Facebook Moderator

Cloudflare supports at least 7 terror organizations because it believes in free speech.

UAE'S Secret Hacking Team of American Mercenaries

Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web!

How to start a beauty brand for $1.5m

Paul Le Roux - Internet Cartel Boss

Stitch Fix believes they’re the future of retail — so do a lot of other people.

Breaking down Buyer's Remorse

Emojis in Court

The Future of Seed Investing

Fyre's Pitch Deck

OpenAI's language model is capable of writing fake news with the best of them.

9 Companies From the YC W19 Batch

50 Future Unicorns by CB Insights & The New York Times

Andorid vs Apple

UBI increase happiness, not employment.

How dating apps are changing our world.

How would lives play out if humans only died from unnatural causes (like car accidents)?

Shit is heating up in Bezos world. #airemout

Crowdfunding is more successful if you raise less?

Foot Lock snags GOAT.

The paradoxical battle for peace and relaxation through meditation.

Every trendy restaurants Spotify playlist.

Ideas: Journalism should be free.

"When they took the drums of slaves, the slaves simply found new drums in everything, and this is how African rhythms were retained and passed down, held close by those who knew what it was to have a culture ripped from them."

What's in store for VR by Nate Mitchell, Head of VR @ Oculus

Uber for X Spreadsheet

Reddit is now worth $3B.


Notion - My favorite notes, wiki, kaban board, and lightweight CRM app is finally throwing shots at Evernote.

Unreadit - Best of Reddit Weekly Newsletter

Orai - Learn to speak better

Onward - “Post-Breakup Concierge Service”

Verishop - Amazon Killer

Nuro - Coming in hot off a $940 million investment from the SoftBank Vision Fund.

Rivian - Electric Trucks

Tesla Model Y — SUV Starting at $39K

Brew - Podcast app to support creators

GitNews - Latest news in trending repos from GitHub, HackerNews, & Reddit

Resources on Product Management - 251 Free Templates for PM’s

Charts - Collection of Charts for Sketch

Nebia - Showers 2.0

Apex Legends - 25m signups in the the first week



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