COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #2




I watched Ex-Machina last month - mind blown. Here are some others to check out if you're into sci-fi.

Can you say, Uber for helicopters? 

Do it for the Gram! - Kevin Systrom is on a mission.

Mental Model of the Month: Butterfly Effect

"Somebody's gotta do it." - Dad (He's a blue collar guy.), After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople

Winner-takes all effects in autonomous cars

Exposing the magic that is coding. I totally recommend this read for anyone looking to explain what coding is to anyone.

Surprisingly, we covered this company in Strategy over the summer...

The Great Tech Panic of 2017

Speaking of Uber...Here's a look at the early days.

My love for hot sauce is understated.

You don't know hip hop if you don't know 9th Wonder.




Oculus' AR Glasses

Magic Leap's AR Glasses

Atlas by Stripe -  $500 to get incorporated in Delaware. It's literally "The easiest way to start an Internet company."

Lottie by Airbnb - Add high-quality animation to your app

Product Graveyard - RIP Limewire & Grooveshark

Medium 3.0 - Revitalizing user written content since 2012

"Crowd-Surf" by Snapchat - Come on Snap, yall need this.

MoviePass - On a mission to save the movie theater industry

Facebook TV - Winter is Coming

The Boring Company - Please, No More Tunnels in LA (Kanye West Voice)




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