COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #18



16 Ways to Measure Network Effects by a16z

Would you believe the world is actually getting better? Here's 23 charts and maps that show this.

Fjord's Trends 2019: The search for value

NYT Profile on the GOAT Guy Raz & 'How I Built This'

State of Startups in 2018 by First Round

Student loan debt in the U.S. has doubled since the recession.

RIP Colin Kroll, Co-founder of HQ Trivia and Vine. It’s time to bring awareness to the mental health effects of startup life.

Amazon is cutting the CRaP.

83 Mind-Blowing Facts from 2018 by The Atlantic

When you don't put community and authenticity first...

Whose ready for a financial crisis in 2019?

“The gap between ‘sci-fi,’ — that which was once imagined — and ‘sci-fact,’ that which becomes manifest and real, is shrinking.”

Who had ever thought you could learn a lesson or two in business management from your favorite rockers?

Life of a Full-Time Instagram Influencer

Forbes Profile of Joe Liemandt & Trilogy/ESW - The Two-time Tech Billionaire & Software Sweatshopper

Grab a broom - Cleaning Influencers are the new move.

Google - Year in Search 2018

By 2021, billboards are expected to grow to a $33B industry.

Here's a wild story on an e-commerce empire rabbit hole.

We Asked 105 Experts What Scares and Inspires Them Most About the Future

Yes, you can find cheap AI Labor in China - but not quite what you may think it is...

Tech in the Triple D: Dallas Hacker Culture

Here are cliff notes on the most important AI research papers of 2018.

Top YoY Airbnb Destinations to Visit in 2019

With the new community rules on Tumblr, where will users of the fringe and their content go? How about TumblrX or Sharesome?

Spofity has a design blog!

December is the month of lists. Here's a list of Longreads' best stories in 2018.

Stadium Goods acquired for $250m.

WTF is Salesforce?


RAD - NPR’s open-source tool for tracking listener analytics.

Kanopy - Best Free Streaming Service

Good Money - Banking owned by its customers

Pindrop - Fighting voice-fraud

Afloat - Waterbeds, reimagined

Robinhood Checking & Savings - 3% Interest Rates, No Fees

Ello - Social network for artist, built by artists.

KinkRebel - Social network for adult content creators. - Stop bothering your friends who know Photoshop

Voice Messages by Instagram - Walkie-Talkie

Plaid - The future of fintech is strong with this one...

18 Home Improvement Apps - Just in time for some new year remodeling

Flockjay - Tech sales training and job placement, YC

LOT2046 - The future of fashion?



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