COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #15




Big Tech is changing democracy. Can Facebook help fix it?

The New Media Barons

Hubspot Growth Framework

Treating Dementia Through Nostalgia (aka Building a ‘Memory Town’ in Your Local Strip Mall)

Sounds of Tehran by WeTransfer

Shan Parrish & Ben Thompson talk about thriving in the digital world.

Decision Matrix & Delegating

New York Times Profile on Naomi Osaka

500 Hospitals joined forced to create their own drugs - fed up with Big Pharma's prices

Nothing's changed after Equifax.

Robinhood plans to IPO as it looks for a CFO (Also, whoever said Co-CEOs don't work?)

Must-See Docs for Designers & Artists

Here's a brief history of Product Sound Design.

Bad code makes good art.

Mexican drug cartels have their eyes set on oil industry.

E-commerce thrives in factory towns.

5 Stats About Minorities in Tech

Amazon is on track $4.6B from their ad business.

The History of Data Viz from 1987 to Today by The Economist

Low-key Larry Page

What is Democracy?

The Search for Millennial El Dorado in Arkansas

10 years after the financial crisis, is the housing market still at risk?

Pinterest is a Unicorn, but not.

Podcasting is a $7.3B industry in China

Inside Wayback Machine &

#DeleteFacebook & WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton


Headspace rebranded what we think about mediation.

Amazon Scout - Amazon's Pinterest

Control Panels - Like the name says

List of the Best Free Contemporary Fonts

If Modern Internet Companies Existed in 1970s - Early 1990s

Facebook Dating - Uh-oh Tinder, it's here.

Atrium - New startup from Justin of (Twitch)

I Wish There Was An App For - App ideas

Perlego - Spotify for textbooks

Solid Power - Solid-state rechargeable battery

Sinemia - The MoviePass competitor hasn't given up

Eaze - This marijuana company raised $52m

Masterclass - Raised $80m to bring on more celebrities

Zipline - Drones for medicine delivery

Scootbee - Autonomous, self-driving scooters

Snap Spectacles - 2 new styles

Trailer - Create app marketing video in minutes

Caffeine - 21st Century Fox Invests $100m in the social live-streaming startup

Popshow - You can watch vids, get fans

Ttyl - Social voice platform

Mind Map by Realtimeboard - More than your average mind map



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