COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #14




Podcast on the death and rebirth of local media with Dan Primack and Sara Fischer.

The Sounds of Summer - There's a science to summer hits.

You can now modify the code of life.

No more Saturday morning cartoons.

Here are 18 podcasts recommendations from your favorite podcasters.

Obesity in America in Charts

I Promise School - "Lebron James" - Vine Kid

Design Advice: Lessons Learned at General Magic

"Designing homes around “entertaining” that happens only a handful of times a year is a wasteful yet mindbogglingly popular practice."

Small Teams > Big Teams

Fornite, Fornite, Fortnite.

Ben Thompson is a beast. Here's a piece on Facebook's woes.

How to find music in a world of Spotify.

Tinder pulled in $800m this year.

Why Your Startup Doesn't Invest Sufficiently in its Differentiators - Tomasz Tunguz

The Power User Curve by Andrew Chen

Solving the Chicken & Egg Problem of Marketplaces  - More on this by Anderw Chen

Twitch vs Youtube: The Battle for Fresh Prince

Chris Kelly on Designing for Adobe Live

How Facebook Moderates Billions



Kitsplit - Rent cameras from everyday people

Google Primer - Bite-Sized Lessons on Business & Marketing 

Lego Bugatti - Bugatti Chrion made of legos.

WeTransfer - A company that wants to rule the business of creativity

Carbyne - Next-gen 911

20 of YC's Latest Batch

Yoshi - On-demand Refueling

Evernote - Inside Evernote

29Rooms - A Refinery29 Experience

Ghost - Professional non-profit publishing platform for modern publications and text-focused media companies.

Internet Arcade - As many retro arcade games as your heart desires.

Grabb-It - Uber window ads.

My 90s TV - Cartoons & cereal

Peloton - More than just the bike.

ROOM - No more open offices.

Magic Leap One - It finally launches starting at $2295

Flipboard - Future of Storytelling

Plutio - One app to manage your small business. - All the tools you need to build & grow your podcast

Hammacher Schlemmer - The world's most pecuilar company.

Monica - A CRM for your social life.

Vestaboard - A mechanical display for the home or office.

Hearables - Tech's next big thing, apparently

App Task Force - Uber for snitching



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