COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #13




Google is transforming the '6' into Google's version of a utopian society. Would you move?

50 Dishes from 50 States - Here's an interesting list for that food bucket list of yours.

When NatGeo has the IG clout - YASSSS.

Interesting perspective on rise of the startup pseduo-pharmacy, copycat marketing, and pills for ED.

On-demand fuel means bad news for the poor.

So much for open office spaces.

Podcast /w Patrick Collison, Founder of Stripe on Disprution

Here's an explainer on modern capitalism from the perspective of a straw.

Sonos files for IPO with 19m devices sold so far.

Why Soybeans Are at the Heart of the U.S.-China Trade War

ESPN takes on Overwatch.

Here's a piece on Twitchers who broadcast to no one.

Very nice! Great success! - Borat & The Genius of Sacha Baron Cohen

Chris Cox, CPO of Facebook, on how they're fighting fake news and hate speech.

Here's an explainer video on how to be a responsible music fan in the age of Spotify.

Here's an analysis of America's Robot Belt.

The story of Google and how it became what it wasn't supposed to be.

All we need is time.

Did you know you only need 25% adoption to create a social change?

When tech companies expand without a plan, people pay the price.

Here's a list of 7 different types of cryptoassets. Now you can diversify, without really diversifying?

Data shows that millennials are a prolific generation of art collectors - and believe it's a safer investment the most.

Consumer startups are dead.

General Magic was the mysterious Silicon Valley tech company that was supposed to be Apple - until John Sculley came along. Here's the trailer for the upcoming documentary.



RaiseMe - Micro-scholarships to motivate students and demystify the cost of higher education. Backed by the Zuckerbergs.

Slack buys HipChat.

Hinge - This dating app uses a Nobel prize-winning algorithm. - Using AI to improve your code base.

Sygic Maps - The world's first online maps designed for travelers.

PixaTool - Convert any image or video into pixel art.

Adobe Photoshop - Photoshop for iPad.

Loon & Wing - These Google X moonshot projects are finally graduating.

Magic Leap - The very secretive unicorn revealed a recent developer demo.

Citymapper - The ultimate transport app.

Roblox - Distributed content experiences (like video games) are the future. Roblox is expected to produce over $70m for its content creators this year.

Ashley Madison - Cheating wife, cheating life, and the science of dead-end relationships.

New Organs - The Internet is listening.

checkit.AR - AR for Breast Health - AirDrop for everyone.

Adquick - Outdoor Ads made easy.

Light - Next level camera company onboard to raise A LOT of money.

Google Glass - Now with AI.



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