COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #12




"With the Switch, the 130-year-old gaming giant has once again turned reports of its demise into Nintendo Mania."

The excitement (and fear) of raising money for your startup.

Pony 'Tencent' Ma vs Jack 'Alibaba' Ma - Battle for Supremacy

I'm currently experiencing a mild case of existential crisis - considering buying waist-high baggy cargos to pair with unnecessary sandals so I can scream at Gen Z.

Twitter is so lit rn. The Twitter mascot is also actually a phoenix.

Here's a super intriguing piece on the invisible asymptotes of growth for companies, startups, and markets.

Most Creative People of 2018

Instagram's Feed Algo is finally revealed.

If you're curious, here's a guide on building a neural network in Python.

Lessons from the Tech Graveyard - err why Yik Yak,, & Vine failed.

Reddit taught an AI and all it can think about is murder.

Who wants to live in Vermont? The state is offering $10K to work remotely.

Damn, forewarning, I'm a VICE fanboy. But, here's a scathing article on Shane Smith and how VICE suckered everyone.

I got to see Matthew Lieber, Co-Founder of Gimlet Media, speak on the podcast industry a few months back. He wasn't lying - they were on to something.

Powerful Medium post - RIP Anthony Bourdain.

Great essay on the future of platforms - a decentralized future that Crater also believes in.

It's not too late to buy shares in Netflix...

Here's a dope geographic mapping of Donald Glover's Atlanta show.

How does it feel to be 23 with a money tree? This Lidar company founder knows.

Buh-bye, Elizabeth.

TLDR: Spotting Forgery in Art

Machine Learning Predicts World Cup Winner - This analysis was a failure.

CEO or Future CEO friends: Here's an article on time management.

2018 Report: The State of AI by

Juul is now worth more than $10B. Here we come Big Tobacco 2.0.



Snap Kit - Snapchat's recent;y released an SDK

Furbo - Dog camera to spy on your pup while you're at work

MustApp - A social network app for movie lovers

Nick Fouquet - Hat Designer from Venice, California

IGTV - YouTube for Vertical Video

Google's AI Principles - "AI applications we will not pursue...2. Weapons or other technologies whose principal purpose or implementation is to cause or directly facilitate injury to people."

Below the Surface - Everything ever found at the bottom of the Amsterdam canal, catalogued.

Vault of VHS - VHS Catalog for nostalgic inspiration

Backmarket - Secondary Market for tech goods

Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Google Pay - A comparison of the competitors.

Google Chrome Tricks - This is a game-changer.

iSmell - Smells on the internet

Kitty Hawk Flyer - A look at Larry Page's flying car company

Investor Hunt - Database of 40k+ Investors

One Page Investor Summary - Generate your one-pager

The Growth Handbook - A book on tried & tested strategies for growing your business brought to you by Intercom

Wanna Nails - AR for Nail Polish

Pocket - The future of the reading list app

Memrise - An AI-based language-learning app that just raised $15.5M

Brex - Credit cards for startups, made easy

Roblox - Minecraft 2.0 & Potential Next Billion Dollar Gaming Acquisition

Facebook Gameshow - HQ Trivia for Facebook's Video Platform

Thematic - An application to help creators find music to use for their videos

JoyRide Entertainment - Trivia game app to win free rides during your Uber ride