COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #11




Mary Meeker's annual internet trends report is out and it is lit.

"I view our responsibility in news as two things. One is making sure people can get trustworthy news, and the other is building common ground in society.” - Mark Zuckerberg

Microsoft is reportedly buying Github and most likely ruining it.

Global AI Race - Hehe, first one to finish line is a rotten egg!

Self-driving Car Race - Winners & Losers

Netflix is worth more than Comcast and is on track to beat out Disney.

We asked a bunch of VC's what company they would invest all their money in, and if it wasn't Amazon, it was Coinbase.

The gig-economy hits the retail industry.

YouTube has 1.8 billion logged-in users.

Vacationing in the name of productivity.

Here's a guide on paid newsletters.

Cryptocurrency is still early and I still have negative returns.

China v. US - It's time to learn Mandarin.

Fornite Rules.

9 Mental Models to help you solve difficult problems.

There's a blackmarket for Facebook Profiles and Amazon Reviews - who would have guessed.

Online sports betting is relatively back in action as Paddy Power Betfair aims to buy FanDuel and Draftkings looks evolve.

eBooks - "A Love Rekindled"

Unfortunately, it's difficult for people to understand that immigrant founders push our national economy forward.

Math Men: How data shifted advertising power to the hands of the all-powerful Google and Facebook.

Here's an interesting essay on nation-building and what factors are important for survival.

Chinese drug-manufacturing, specifically for fentanyl, bred a new era of drug kingpins - ones that don't hire hitmen, live crazy lives, or have Netflix shows made about them.

Products - Machine Learning Driven Tools for Storytelling

OneWorldOneFace - One big photography experiment to craft the face of the world.

Airbnb Cereal - The designer in me is speechless.

History of Messaging by Intercom - Super cool history lesson.

Kontrast - Beautiful Black & White Adventure Puzzle Game

5 Westworld Tech - IRL

StumbleUpon - RIP The Legend

Scrambler S - Vintage off-road electric bike

Electric SUVs - Imagine, a world where everyone owns the same type of vehicle...

AtariVCS - A rebirth of the legendary console

Cinemetrics - Awesome site on collecting data and quantifying films

Lobe - Visual tool for building custom deep learning models

DigitalBookshelf - 20 Must-Reads for Designers & Managers

73 Summer Reads - For the long sunny days

More Books - 7 Books to Read if You’re a First-time Boss

A Few More - 100 Stories that shaped the world

5 Launches - From Tinder, Airbnb, Coinbase, Google, and Invision

Fugue - Free stock music for videos by Icons8

Google News - When the news app knows your consumption habits better than you do and feeds it to you...isn't that kind of bad?

Google Duplex - "Mm-hmm." 

StoryCorps - Impactful, human stories.

Be My Eyes - One Tweet = 100K Downloads