COWBOY B3BOP - Issue #10




Death of the Newsfeed - "All social apps grow until you need a newsfeed, All newsfeeds grow until you need an algorithmic feed, All algorithmic feeds grow until you get fed up of not seeing stuff/seeing the wrong stuff & leave for new apps with less overload, All those new apps grow until..." - Ben Evans

So, we're Facebook's product. What's new?

YouTube realizes it's time take a step back - now it must face the monsters it created.

#TexasForever - My hometown is building a stadium for eSports.

Reddit is growing up - It's redesigning itself for a new age.

It's funny how people will always tell you how hard it is, and then follow up with how unlikely it is to happen, but then it happens - more then you know... - 50 Big Companies that Started with Little or No Money

The Saudi Crown Prince has new future for the kingdom in mind.

Fake communication is evolving - first audio, then video - and it doesn't seem like we're prepared enough. If there's anything that scares me the most about our future, this is one of them.

Netflix is buying a billboard company?

Indie Games = New Indie Rock = Leveling up the Culture

On the note of games, here's a piece about the teen hackers who pwned Microsoft.

2018 Pulitzer Prize Winners and K.Dot being forever solidified.

Sith Lord Peter Thiel and the Evil Palantir Empire

Here, let me order my friend real quick.

Tesla is repeating history.

"All's fair in cola and war" - Coca-Cola Heist of 2006

The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Startups



Facebook Clear History - HAHAHAHA

Facebook Tinder - Facebook is adding dating features

Basis - $133m raised to create a stable cryptocurrency

Conduit - Your own self-proclaimed data-driven AI chief of staff

Spectacles V2 - Snapchat refuses to give up

Product Timeline - Cool comparable tool for you startup builders out there

Ready Player One - The battle scene nostalgia, woah

2001: A Space Odyssey - Pioneers of VFX

God of War - A game-changing masterpiece

Fortnite Mobile - $15m on mobile since the release

Aquaculture Startups - Sushi lovers, rejoice. We ain't ever starving.

RapChat - Record raps, and share it with your friends

IFTTT - They're finally bringing on the monetization

AAirpass - The rise and demise of a lifetime airplane ticket

Coinbase Ventures - If could invest all your money in one company, would you choose Coinbase?

JUMP - Uber acquired a ton of bikes for $200m

Stash - This may be a pattern of investing apps moving into banking...