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Reaching Live Music Nirvana: Music Festivals

Since practically the beginnings of human history, we have gathered to celebrate life, fortune, and prosperity - to share ideas, culture, and food, and most importantly, a moment in time. With the forever changing world, societal influences (political or nonpolitical), and technological advancements, this gathering, today, has ultimately manifested into one particular entity in mainstream modern culture. Imagine a crowd of thousands, all dressed in urban-island castaway get-ups, relentlessly fist pounding to the music of their favorite artists in hopes of reaching sonic nirvana. I like to call it the Music Festival Culture.

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The Growth of 'Ye and Me - A Review of Kanye West's Albums Including T.L.O.P

As much of the world would agree, pleasantly or unpleasantly, the almighty Yeezus is a creative God. Needless to say, T.L.O.P. is yet another extension of his abilities. A 'gospel' tribute to his faults, sorrow, acceptance of these, and egotism included in the wonderful world that is Ye. Listening to the album today, I couldn't help but reminisce from the instrumental echos of T.L.O.P. of my affair with Kanye's work from a youth to now, and the effect that it's had on my life.

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